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Registration and schedule

Online registration for the workshop is required and can be done via this website (details on the Registration page). 

Registration for the workshop is possible from 1 June 2015 untill 1 January 2016. After registration, your account will be activated manually by the Organizational Commitee within 1 or 2 days. After account activation and payment, the CAE-AVM geometry and mesh files will be made available to the participants. 

After their in-house calculations participants can upload their results to this website. Details on the results formats may be found on the Data format & Results page. Participants are expected to summit results for at least two cases (details on the Cases page). Results are to be submitted before 15 February 2016. 

The Technical Committee will evaluate, compare and summarize all participant’s results. During the workshop the results will be anonymously presented and discussions on correlation will be accommodated. After the workshop all results, including the relevant wind tunnel results will be available on this website for each participant.

The program of the workshop can be found on the Workshop agenda page.

Conditions for participation

  • Participation from aerospace research organizations, aircraft companies and universities are welcome.
  • Participants are expected to perform their own CFD simulations and to submit the results for at least two Cases. In case of multiple participants per organization, two cases per organization suffice.  
  • registration fee of 100 EURO (per participant) will be charged to cover the workshop proceedings, lunches and refreshments during the two-day workshop.  
  • Participants are expected attend the workshop on their own resources. The workshop will take place in the CATIC Hotel, Beijing. Participants are encouraged to stay-over in the CATIC Hotel, where rooms of different price categories are available.

Intelligential property and Copyright

All released geometry, mesh and data of the CAE-AVM are the properties of CAE. The Z-sting geometry, mesh and data are the properties of DNW. All geometry, mesh and data are to be used for research only. Participants should not distribute downloaded geometry, mesh and/or data of CAE-AVM to any third party. 

Summarized workshop results and publications are copyrights of CAE and DNW. Participants are encouraged to publish their results and findings after the workshop. Authors are supposed to reference the name and the source of CAE-AVM model and the CAE-DNW workshop in their related publications. Participants will keep copyrights of their individual results and publications.