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Case 1

Geometry: CAE-AVM (non-deformed geometry, no support)

Flow condition: M=0.85, CL=0.515 (Fixed lift), Re=4.7 million, T0=303.15 K

Parameters to be computed:

  1. Cp distribution at six spanwise stations of the wing:
         -  η=20% (y=0.1372m, local chord=236.49mm)
         -  η=35% (y=0.2401m, local chord=183.45mm)
         -  η=45% (y=0.3087m, local chord=157.91mm)
         -  η=55% (y=0.3773m, local chord=137.88mm)
         -  η=65% (y=0.4459m, local chord=121.06mm)
         -  η=75% (y=0.5145m, local chord=104.29mm)
  2. AOA, CD, Cm
  3. Flow patterns on the wing surfaces