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CAE, the Chinese Aeronautical Establishment (

CAE, founded in 1960, is a national aeronautical research organization in China. Composed of 36 research institutes and centers, CAE is responsible from fundamental and applied  research, innovation, integration and demonstration; construction and operation of national research facilities; aeronautical research foundations and graduate education. CAE is in the international aeronautical society like ICAS, IFAR,ICAF and established a global network with research organizations and universities including NLR, DLR, Onera, TsAGI and DNW. 

DNW, the German-Dutch Wind tunnels (

DNW, founded and jointly owned by DLR and NLR, is the operator of a globally renowned group of wind tunnels in Germany and the Netherlands with state-of-the-art measurement techniques. Most aircraft manufacturers trust their newest design to the professionals of DNW. DNW has been a reliable partner in many of civil aerospace programs.

Workshop organization (

Advisory Committee: Prof. ZHANG Xinguo (President, CAE), Prof. TANG Changhong (Academician, CAE), Prof. HUA Jun (Vice President, CAE), Christophe Hermans (Director), Mr. Michel Peters (President, NLR), Prof. Hester Bijl (Dean, TU Delft)

Organisational and Technical Committee: Dr. ZHENG Sui (CAE), Ms. DENG Ying (CAE), Mr. HUANG Weijia (CAE), Dr. WANG Ganglin (CAE), Ms ZHONG Min (CAE), Dr. LI Xinyuan (CAE), Mr. Henri Vos (DNW), Mr. Sinus Hegen (DNW), Mr. Roy Gebbink (DNW)

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