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The CAE Aerodynamic Validation Model (CAE-AVM) was tested in the DNW-HST transonic wind tunnel both for the aerodynamic performance of the model and for the validation of the CAE AVICFD codes. The model geometry represented an airplane with slender swept high aspect ratio wings and fuselage mounted engines, designed at cruise Mach number of 0.85.

Detailed CFD investigations were performed at CAE before and after the wind tunnel test performed in 2013. It is found that to effectively compare CFD and wind tunnel data, typical test related phenomena (e.g. sting interference, model deformation) would have to be taken into account. 


CAE and DNW now provide an opportunity to join an international workshop to determine and discuss the effects of model deformation and model support interference in the CFD-wind tunnel correlation. In this way participants could also evaluate the adequacy of their own methods.

Participants will be given a unique chance to use their own CFD codes to calculate the CAE-AVM geometry (with and without wing deformation and sting support geometry). The geometry will be made available to registered participants (details on the participants page).

After their in-house calculations participants can upload their results to this website. The Technical Committee will evaluate, compare and summarise all participant’s results. Furthermore, a direct comparison with the obtained wind tunnel results will be presented. During the workshop the results will be anonymously presented and discussions on correlation will be accommodated. After the workshop all results, including the relevant wind tunnel results will be available on this website for each participant. The program of the workshops can be found on the Workshop agenda page.

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Provisional agenda

The provisional agenda for the workshop is updated. Registration takes place between 08:30-09:00 on Tuesday 22 March. We look forward to see you in Beijing!
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Result submission deadline shifted

Upon several requests it is decided to shift the deadline for submission of the results by a maximum of two weeks. The deadline is now 28 February 2016. You are welcome to use your Infotrans FTP account to upload all data. Please contact us if you have any problem with the file transfer.
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VISA and hotel arrangements

We’d like to remind international participants that visiting China requires a VISA. Invitation letters can be arranged easiest through CAE. Hotel arrangements are arranged easiest through CAE too.
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Website live & registration opened

The website is now live and registration for the workshop is opened
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